Dallas Morning News, March 26, 2012: “Women’s Getaway to Israel is Transforming”

Texas Jewish Post, September 22, 2011: “To Israel, with Learning”

Yated Ne’eman, August 20, 2010: “Group of Seed Yeshiva Bochurim Makes Lifelong Relationship with Dallas Kids”

Hamodia Magazine, April 28, 2010: “Kollel Families Branch Out and Bear Fruit”

Texas Jewish Post, February 4, 2010: “Carol Aaron sponsors mini-mission to five Dallas nonprofits”

Texas Jewish Post, September 17, 2009: “Twenty-eight Dallas women share experiences of 10-day memorable trip to Israel”

Texas Jewish Post, September 17, 2009: “DATA of Plano hosts wine tasting and Chinese auction; proceeds benefit Israel trip program”

Hamodia, August 19, 2009: “The DATA Learning Center Hosts Project SEED”

Dallas Jewish Spirit, Fall 2008: “Newly Dedicated Elbogen Family DATA Far North Dallas Center”

Dallas Jewish Spirit, Fall 2007: “Far North Dallas- The Next DATA Frontier”



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